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What can we offer? - Our Solutions (Online Tools)

You can now compete with the big brands in the competitive landscape!

Channel Manager – You can manage multiple channels centrally. This allows you to save time, resources and cost at the end of the day. For a very competitive annual subscription fee, a hotel can use the tool on an unlimited basis to control as many websites as they wish. The vendor has established interface with all key OTA (online travel agencies).  If you need a channel they don’t have interface yet, they can develop the interface as long as the OTA is technically capable. And if the hotel does not mind screen scraping technology, the vendor can use screen scraping techniques to easily allow hotels to manage all needed channels.

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Revenue Management System (RMS) – For hotels of any sizes, it is important to maximize its revenue via various channels. Our leading Revenue Management System requires no end-user installation and the rental fee business model makes the service offering price extremely competitive.  In addition to Core Module, this Revenue Management System provides "value-added" additions that offers high value products and services via the Internet delivery channel, such as Daily Yield and Database Audits.  This creates greater revenue opportunities for hotels

Website Design & Development – It all begins with a good website. We have experienced consultants that worked for the best hospitality website design and development companies before.  We can offer “Hotel Web Box” for professionally designed and SEO friendly website designed by award-winning designers, with best user experience in mind


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