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How to reach and connect in the online world?

Find the solutions from Compass Edge!

Which e-Commerce Way to go?

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What can we offer? - Our Solutions (SEO/SEM)

It is not just to rank # 1 in search engines, it is also how to convert the traffic to bookings!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): global and localized - For a non-brand hotel, it is most likely that the traffic to your website is generated through key search engines such as Google & Yahoo or Baidu. Although every hotel wants to appear on the first page in natural search, it can only be achieved with a good website build first. We take a comprehensive look at your website and provide you with recommendations for a SEO-ready website and then SEO to follow

PPC / email marketing / SEM (Search Engine Marketing) - Pay Per Click marketing, email blast and online advertising are all paid marketing initiatives to either buy priority placement with search engines for keyword phases or run marketing campaigns that brings attention to your target audiences and drive traffic to your website. We have certified partners that run high ROI projects for major hotels

Social Media Optimization - How do you manage comments from Travel Review sites such as Trip Advisor? Have you utilize social networking sites such as FaceBook or Linkedin Group to promote your property? Have you distribute your press releases to online article sites? You can explore all these opportunities with Compass Edge

Web Analytics - Most of our vendors offer Google Analytics Service to provide a detailed insight into visitor traffic, buyer behavior and purchasing patterns. In addition, we monitor and assess performance of our online marketing campaigns. We assist our hotel clients to be more visible to their desired target audience.  We can identify profitable marketing channels, keywords and markets so our hotel clients can utilize their online marketing budget more efficiently. One of our partners is the few Google Analytics Certified Consultants in Asia Pacific


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