Compass Edge deep dives in the hospitality industry, and has worked with over 500 hotels worldwide since being founded in 2008.


We thoroughly understand the challenges that hotels face, and our solutions cover three key areas that will help them gain that all important competitive edge. The Compass Edge!



Compass Edge provides effective “Go China” online branding solutions that enable overseas hotels to tap into the lucrative and rapidly growing Chinese FIT market.


By providing a responsive website -hosted in China on a dedicated Alibaba Cloud server, Baidu Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Weibo social media account set-up and maintenance, inclusion in our group’s Chinese website, plus WeChat official service account, and participation in marketing campaigns as well as within bloggers’ articles, independent hotels can now reach Chinese travellers in unprecedented and targeted ways.


Compass Edge partners with leading technology providers in the hospitality industry to offer the best-of-the-breed system backbone to our hotels. Our white label solutions include an internet booking engine, meta-search integration, Global Distribution System (GDS) connectivity and Channel Manager. These solutions address not only the technology side of business, but also the demand generation side.


Our consortia pay-on-performance program, agency biasing Preferred Partnerships and niche marketing programs are all options available to our hotel clients.


Compass Edge owns GoHotelsGo Travel Alliance Portal, a B2C marketing company promoting Compass Edge hotel clients.

Originally designed to drive traffic to our hotels’ websites through innovative marketing initiatives, GoHotelsGo has extended far beyond its original design brief.

Ling Nan Hospitality and Compass Edge have co-founded a new alliance.  The two companies, together with partners China Southern Airlines and GZL Travel Services, used the Guangzhou International Travel Fair (GITF) on 1 March 2018 to launch the LN Global Alliance.

The number of loyalty members under the four brands amounts to more than 46 million Chinese travelers.


A few of our hotel clients



Here is what our hotel clients say about us:

“In my experience with Compass Edge, they are a dedicated, driven and hard working team. Everyone is really attentive and helpful. I really recommend Compass Edge to anyone who is looking to promote their hotels in the Chinese market.”
Monchaya aikwanich (Executive Director)
Aquamarine Resort & Villa Phuket




“We have been working with Compass Edge for almost a year now and we are pleased with their service.  Anita and her team are very knowledgeable about the Chinese market and they have been very accommodating to our queries and requests.  Anita’s personal touch is greatly appreciated too.  All concerns are addressed immediately.

”Ralph Miguel Lim (Chief Operating Officer)

Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa Bohol


“The Compass Edge team is professional, quick and always happy to help. They are dedicated to helping us reach the Chinese market and be successful at it. It’s wonderful working with them…We are one of the first of European hotels to sign up for Go China. With the increase of independent travel of Chinese travelers we wanted to find the best way of reaching this important market segment. Go China is helping us build awareness and introduce our hotel directly to potential guests. We are certain that, with the dedicated, professional and helpful team of Go China, we will reach our goals and be successful in the Chinese market.”

Nuša Šolar (Director of Sales and Marketing)

Grand Hotel Union, Slovenia


“We have worked with Compass Edge since 2013. We use their Booking Engine solution and like their additional marketing approach. Every little bit helps for independent hotels like us.”

Anton Adijaya (Director)

The Rani Bali



“Compass edge is very professional, helpful and attentive team, it’s great working with them and we are very satisfied with their services.They keep updating us what’s going on in china  market, what should we do and how do we do, they are great”

Jaufirrahman (Revenue & Distribution Manager)

Hotel Vila Ombak

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